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You're compelled and qualified to steward the message of radical self- acceptance, authenticity, courage, and connection into today's culture.
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Colin Bedell is a bestselling author, speaker, and media expert on Astrology and relationships. As the cofounder of QueerCosmos (a comparative astrological resource for LGBTQIA+ folks), Colin is committed to updating ideas on identity, relationships, and spirituality that are inclusive to a wider range of racial, sexual, and gender diversity-which is why Well & Good Magazine listed Colin as one of the most influential people in the wellness industry and 2020 Innovator.

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What if the stars really hold the answer to our lifelong search for true love? 💖 Join Colin and other astrology experts in their quest for answers on Written In The Stars - only on Discovery Plus!
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A Little Bit of
Astrology 💫

Curious about astrology? Take a deeper look at the zodiac and find out what it can reveal in this concise, accessible introduction. Explore the zodiac, and see how it affects your life! Astrology is an ancient art in which the movements of the stars and planets can divine the future. Find out more about the practice, its history, and each of the 12 sun signs—and then follow the detailed information on how to create a natal chart and use it to craft personalized horoscopes.

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An Introduction to Astrology ✨

An introduction to reading the Natal Chart and finding distinctions between the Sun, Moon, and Rising sign(s) for helpful personal insight. This workshop also includes brief summaries of both the 12 signs and houses of the zodiac so you can see how each and every sign contributes meaningfully. Upon completion, viewers will hopefully have enough information to understand how their Natal Chart is a story the can write, tell, and edit it to their choosing.

An Introduction to Astrology
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