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An Introduction to Astrology

An introduction to reading the Natal Chart and finding distinctions between the Sun, Moon, and Rising sign(s) for helpful personal insight. This workshop also includes brief summaries of both the 12 signs and houses of the zodiac so you can see how each and every sign contributes meaningfully.

Upon completion, viewers will hopefully have enough information to understand how their Natal Chart is a story the can write, tell, and edit it to their choosing.
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An Introduction to Astrology
The Astrology of Relational Intelligence

The Astrology of
Relational Intelligence

In this two-part video course, we’ll explore the tools of modern love and intimacy through the lens of astrology. Drawing from the work of relational experts like Esther Perel and The Gottman Institute, instructor Colin Bedell uses astrology to turn these theories into practical steps for overcoming shame, fear and unconscious habits that block us from healthy relationships.

You’ll also get an in-depth and actionable understanding of “relational dialectics” as Colin gives an eye-opening lesson on the power of polarity. Healthy relationships are not based on either/or scenarios. Rather, we must learn new skills for navigating the spectrum of human relating.

How can we create a space for the paradoxes of life, where our connections can foster both autonomy and intimacy, novelty and predictability, privacy and transparency? Get ready for a whole new cosmic context—to build newfound self-acceptance through this paradigm-shifting course.
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